ARTbrain – a new project

Now that this has been formally announced, we can share some great news!  Our new ARTbrain project combines a few ideas that Liz Etmanski, Susan Powell and I have been talking about for a while.  We were grateful to receive some funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to explore these ideas over the next eight months.  Our proposal read, Access to fine arts and humanities education has been almost impossible for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and this project will involve them in thinking critically about how art works, making art, works from art history and … Continue reading ARTbrain – a new project

What’s happening… our schedule!

2020 Jan 6th, classes begin at Douglas College.  Teaching: DACS 2380. Person Centred Planning and Community Building.  Faculty: Child, Family & Community Studies. Department: Disability & Community Studies.  CFCS 2212 Aboriginal Children, Youth and Families: Transforming Legislation and Policies. Faculty: Child, Family & Community Studies. Department: Aboriginal Stream. CFCS 1130: Change and Development Through the Lifespan.  Faculty/Department: Child, Family & Community Studies Coordination: Aboriginal Stream, Faculty, Child, Family & Community Studies.   2019 Sept 3rd, classes begin at Douglas College.  Teaching: DACS 2420 Personal and Professional Leadership.  Faculty, Child, Family & Community Studies.  Department: Disability and Community Studies. CFCS 2332: Strengthening the … Continue reading What’s happening… our schedule!


Research Methods and Practices I love research when it involves those that the research will matter to as active, guiding participants.   I believe research can be full of fun, inclusive events, graphics and interactions that are memorable and have the capability of creating conditions for change there and then.   The wisdom, as the wise saying goes, is already in the room.  It is the researcher’s job to draw it out and help participants clarify, expand and plan for change of all kinds.  I do a few select research projects a year and these have ranged from an examination of self … Continue reading Research