Adult Education and Leadership

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Disability Studies



I am really interested in education, particularly for adults with disabilities, and much of my research and practices have to do with learning better how people with disabilties already learn, and then figuring out how to build better practices.  We are realizing, increasingly, that our educational expectations and practices for people with disabilities are themselves problematic.

Lynda Barry

Derek Briton – this is my favourite book on education 🙂

Dave Cormier


Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson

Dr. Suzanne de Castell – a vitally important influence

Deleuze – this page is by Dr Dave Harris

John Dewey

Kieran Egan

Paulo Freire

Maxine Greene is one of my heros

Alfie Kohn

Sir Ken Robinson


Max De Pree

I really like Leadership Freak – empowering leaders 300 words at a time

Parker Palmer

Taos Institute’s program in Relational Leadership


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