Leadership Research Update

AGoodeStoryThanks for your interest in my research!  This is a video update of what we have been learning about people with ID and leadership.   Below the video there are images from the dissertation chapters that you can download to see better.

Future plans: There is also a video of Barb and I presenting to a group of students and taking questions that is still in production, plans for an infographic that people will be able to click on for more stories, and at the request of some of the participants a webinar which people from all over will be able to attend and be part of the discussion.  Dates and updates will be announced here!  Click here to see the youtube video!  Go below to see dissertation chapters as graphics.


Overview of the dissertation


Chapter 2: Ongoing Voices of Isolation and Marginalization of People with Intellectual Disabilities Supported in different Kinds of Programs: The “Cocoon of Impossibility”


Chapter 3: Sensemaking to Support Leadership through Arts-Infused Planning Processes for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Inclusive Groups


Chapter 4: The Nearly Lost History of the Lower Mainland Community-Based Services Society: A Successful Self-Advocate Initiative


Chapter 5: A Meta-Circle of Leaders with Intellectual Disabilities Discuss What is Helpful in the Leadership of their Lives, the Groups they are Part of and in their Communities


Chapter 6: Röd tråd: A Parallel Story of Leadership as the Discovery of Self, Other, and History – An Autoethnography

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