ThankYouScaryLeatherManI’ll add more to this later on, but I’ve become smitten with the Midnighter, a comic book character.   And this after years with Gary in which I didn’t read his graphic novels or comics or get much engaged in super-hero-talk…

I’ve been trying to figure out his chronology – I might be expecting things to make too much sense, given that I’ve never been much interested in comics before.



But, essentially, the Midnighter is taken by aliens as a boy, along with another boy named Apollo, and they are both given various powers over years of living in solitary without any explanation.  They do meet once, briefly, when they try to escape.   In one story line.  As adults they find themselves renegade do-gooders living a secret life….    They become members of The Authority / Stormwatch and also lovers who, in another story line, adopt a superpower baby and raise her together (though, in an alternate story line they separate and Apollo raises her as a single parent).

The Midnighter is pretty interesting I think!



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