Sites to Check Out


Espresso App

100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School

The Thesis Whisperer

Academic Coaching

Explorations of Style: A Blog about Academic Writing

Maha Bali – always interesting, enviably clear and prolific 🙂


Versatile PhD

Scoping Reviews Wiki

Beyond Tokenism Site

Ken on Social Constructionism

Dave’s Deleuze Site

Relational Research Network

Community Circles

Open Culture – Philosophy

Praxis – Teaching

Finish Your Thesis Blog

Guardian – Higher Education

Community is the Curriculum

Charles Eisenstein

Participatory Action Research

Helen Sanderson Associates



Of Interest

Graphics for Planetary Exploration

Canva Design School 

My Everything Notebook (Bullet Notebook)

Everyday Feminism

Language Is A Virus Site

Taos Institute Relational Research Forum

Ken Gergen: What is Social Constructionism?

Southwest Photo Journal

David M Perry on Language and Power

Moving to Google Photos

Moving To Google Photos


Learning Solutions Magazine

Brain Highways

Open Textbook Library 

Dr. M. Francine Jennings

Becoming an Educationalist

Accessible Syllabus

Every Moment Has Potential

Truth And Reconciliation Site

Centre for Welfare Reform

Learning by Expanding


Graphic Novels



Attachment Based Parenting

Nowness – Gordon Smith 







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