Some Favourite Links


Canadian Art Magazine


80 Years War

Sweet Paul Magazine

Things to do on New Year’s Eve: Linda Edgecombe

Yes to your Weirdness!

Holidays and Travel

Camping In BC

This Must be Belgium!

Graphic novels


High-Low Comics Blog


Seth Godin


Aeon Magazine 

Bible Hub

Duke University Lesbian And Gay Studies

George Monbiot

Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Relational Practices

L.A. Review of Books


Canadian Centre for Disability Studies

Canadian Council on Social Development

Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

Community Based Research – Canada

The Conversation

Dave Harris: Delueze for the Desperate

Disability Archives – UK

Disability Studies Quarterly

Harold Jarche

Jesse Singal 

Oliver Bateman

Photovoice (and community research methods)

Social Inclusion Journal 

Story telling 

Taos Institute

The Edge: think, connect, share, change


Douglas College: Where I teach

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Faculty Focus Magazine

Me on Slideshare

Helen Sanderson And Associates: Person Centred Thinking Tools 

Indigenous Pedagogy – an Australian approach

Teaching interests: Communication

Open Source Text Book

Teaching interests: Disability Studies

What is self determination?  

Citizen Network


Teaching interests: Developmental studies

Charles Eisenstein: The Ascent of Humanity (development of the sense of self, but anything by Eisenstein….)

Teaching interests: leadership

Al Etmanski on Government Innovation

Teaching interests: Queer studies

Little Sisters Bookstore

Guts Magazine

Teaching interests: minoritised populations

A Sociologist Examines the “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism, By Katy Waldman

Reconciliation Canada



I volunteer with the B.C. Family Support Institute

Three small disability support organizations I really like are:

Lifetime Networks Victoria

TLC – Total Living Concept, in Kent, Washington (where I am a board member)

LiveWorkPlay in Ottawa, Ontario (which was gracious enough to help me by hosting my graduate research on leadership in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities)

There are many, many other agencies, small and big, that I really like as well, and I have worked with many of them!


Pasta Grannies



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