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Checking in on Favourite Writers

George Monbiot

Charles Eisenstein – Ascent Of Humanity

Anti-Racism & Inclusion



Artsy Magazine

Canadian Art Magazine

Colors: Werner’s nomenculture

Tumblr: Oil Portaits

Etsy: Lynda Barry

Sequential Artists Workshop

Stephen Pace

Vincent van Gogh: stories

Critical Disability Studies

The Ruling That Could Change Everything For Disabled People With Million-Dollar Trusts

From Medical Condition to Political Condition: The Story of the ADA
By Rosemarie Garland-Thomson

Disability Supports

Citizen Centred Leadership

Re-imagining Community Inclusion


The Six Must-Have Elements Of High Quality Project-Based Learning
Katrina Schwartz

Brene Brown – Daring Classrooms

Brief History of Intelligence Testing

Dunning-Kruger Effect

        ImagineED – walking curriculum 

Natty Gunn Approach to Learning


Redwood Seeds

Graphic facilitation and graphic recording

Designs for learning.  A Review of Graphic Facilitation in Organizational and Educational Contexts.  By Heidi Hautopp & Rikke Ørngreen

Kingman Ink 

Sam Bradd: DrawingChange


CUNY, Graduate School.  LGBTQ/ Gender & Sexuality Studies


Queer Gods that Ruled Ancient History

Making Art

Beginners Guide to Sketchbook Pro

News & Information



The Conversation

Guts Magazine

The Arts Newspaper

Open Culture Online

Social Networks & Relational Life

7 Kinds of Love

John Hagel: Measuring your real net worth


Bible Hub


Wired for story: Lisa Cron at TEDxFurmanU

Where I work

Aboriginal Child, Family & Community Studies



Joe Pastry

Smitten Kitchen: Everyday cakes

Sweet Paul Magazine

Pasta Grannies


Citizen Network – Citizen Forward


80 Years War


Things to do on New Year’s Eve: Linda Edgecombe

Yes to your Weirdness!


Atlassian Team Playbook

Beth Fox: Introducing Cards Against How Might We A game for changemakers in government

Sarah Gibbons: Empathy Mapping: The First Step in Design Thinking

Liberating Structures: a review

Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Relational Practices

Seeds for Change Facilitation Tools

Draw Your Cards Draw Your Vision

Liberating Structures

Systems Field Book

Benjy Stanton: Design workshops

Graphic novels


High-Low Comics Blog

Holidays and Travel

Camping In BC

This Must be Belgium!


Seth Godin


L.A. Review of Books

Room Magazine: Alicia Elliot

I’ve Got A Crush On James Baldwin

Queer Studies

Duke University Lesbian And Gay Studies

Aeon Magazine 



Digital Portfolios

NFB Education

George Monbiot


Khan Academy Math

Education is the Kindling of a Flame


8 Way Frame of Indigenous Pedagogy (Australian)

B.C.’s New Curriculum – Indigenous Resources

BC First Nations Land, Title, and Governance Teacher Resource Guide (2019)

Carolyn Roberts


Eve Tuck

Indigenous Family Systems on the Canadian Encylopedia

Integrating Indigenous Pedagogy into BC Education


Reconciliation Canada

Indigenous Heritage Documentary Archives

Learn Michef 

NFB: No Longer Vanished (film)

Hesquiaht Language Project

Metis Nation, British Columbia

B.C. Metis Federation

Open Book: Alicia Elliot

Secwépemc People, Land, and Laws with Drs. Chief Ron and Marianne Ignace

Stolen Children: Residential School Survivors Speak Out

Truth and Reconciliation Canada

Robert Children: Children are the Now

Briarpath: AntiColonial History – Comics

Writing the land: film


Griet Roets – Scientific Contributions

SPICE UBC Nursing Research

Happiness Quiz



Storied Identities

Circle of Adults

Overwhelmed by Academia

Historical Self Advocacy

What is Self Determination?

Wild Disability Justice Dreams

Al Etmanksi on Government Innovation

Canadian Centre for Disability Studies

Canadian Council on Social Development

Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

Community Based Research – Canada

The Conversation

Dave Harris: Delueze for the Desperate

Disability Archives – UK

Disability Studies Quarterly

Harold Jarche

Jesse Singal 

Oliver Bateman

Photovoice (and community research methods)

Social Inclusion Journal 

Story telling 

Taos Institute

The Edge: think, connect, share, change


Wikipedia as a Teaching ToolWikipedia as a Teaching Tool

Douglas College: Where I teach

Clicker App

Faculty Focus Magazine

Me on Slideshare

Helen Sanderson And Associates: Person Centred Thinking Tools 

P4P – Tools

Now And Next

Indigenous Pedagogy – an Australian approach

Teaching interests: Communication

Open Source Text Book

Walt Whitman: Sound Shapes Itself

Teaching interests: Community Development


Teaching interests: Disability Studies

What is self determination?  

Citizen Network

Kenny Fries: Disability Representations in Our Culture – The Fries Test

Teaching interests: Developmental studies

Charles Eisenstein: The Ascent of Humanity (development of the sense of self, but anything by Eisenstein….)

Lifespan: a Psychological Approach

Harvard Study – 80 year findings

Teaching interests: leadership

Al Etmanski on Government Innovation

Teaching interests: Queer studies

Little Sisters Bookstore

Guts Magazine

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 8.23.53 AM

Teaching interests: minoritised populations

A Sociologist Examines the “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism, By Katy Waldman

Reconciliation Canada

I’ve Got a Crush on James Baldwin

Test Yourself For Hidden Bias


I volunteer with the B.C. Family Support Institute

Smaller disability support organizations I really like are:

Lifetime Networks Victoria

TLC – Total Living Concept, in Kent, Washington (where I am a board member)

LiveWorkPlay in Ottawa, Ontario (which was gracious enough to help me by hosting my graduate research on leadership in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities)

Spectrum Society

There are many, many other agencies, small and big, that I really like as well, and I have worked with many of them!


Pasta Grannies


Espresso App

100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School

The Thesis Whisperer

Academic Coaching

Explorations of Style: A Blog about Academic Writing

Maha Bali – always interesting, enviably clear and prolific 🙂


Versatile PhD

Scoping Reviews Wiki

Beyond Tokenism Site

Ken on Social Constructionism

Dave’s Deleuze Site

Relational Research Network

Community Circles

Open Culture – Philosophy

Praxis – Teaching

Finish Your Thesis Blog

Guardian – Higher Education

Community is the Curriculum

Charles Eisenstein

Participatory Action Research

Helen Sanderson Associates



Of Interest

Graphics for Planetary Exploration

Canva Design School 

My Everything Notebook (Bullet Notebook)

Everyday Feminism

Language Is A Virus Site

Taos Institute Relational Research Forum

Ken Gergen: What is Social Constructionism?

Southwest Photo Journal

David M Perry on Language and Power

Moving to Google Photos

Moving To Google Photos


Learning Solutions Magazine

Brain Highways

Open Textbook Library 

Dr. M. Francine Jennings

Becoming an Educationalist

Accessible Syllabus

Every Moment Has Potential

Truth And Reconciliation Site

Centre for Welfare Reform

Learning by Expanding


Graphic Novels



Attachment Based Parenting

Nowness – Gordon Smith