Rhizomatic Learning: Cheating as Learning #rhizo14

Interesting to try to keep up with all the posts about this Week One idea of cheating as learning in this class on rhizomatic learning.  So many perspectives.  I related to one about the general discomfort around the idea of cheating, and then another person said why not call it “changing the rules” – but as I think it all through, at least from the perspective I’m taking, I think I like the idea of cheating as a conversation starter. I’ve been fascinated by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari ideas about the “rhizomatic,” concepts they created to oppose what they called … Continue reading Rhizomatic Learning: Cheating as Learning #rhizo14

person centred planning part one – video

A lot of the work we do has to do with person centred planning – people get us to come in and help them figure out where they are in their lives, and where they’d like to go.   We love anything that works for the person, but one of our favourite methods is PATH because it incorporates everything that’s really good about planning, and also is an opportunity for people to share their dreams with friends and families.  Here’s part of a video from the Inclusion B.C. “On My Way” site, done by Karla Verschoor. Continue reading person centred planning part one – video

New Charts – Victoria sessions

I did two days of charting in Victoria – the first day was full of self advocate presentations, games, and a wonderful panel on employment.   The second day was part of our Inclusive Research Community Mapping projects, funded by a grant from B.C. Ideas, in which, working with a self advocate co-host, my facilitation partner, Shelley Nessman, engages people with intellectual disabilities in a discussion about where they contribute, where they are welcomed and what roles they play in their communities.   We were wonderfully hosted by the Self Advocates for a Brighter Future, who were supported by Becon … Continue reading New Charts – Victoria sessions

“we’ve just forgotten that we belong to each other” Father Greg Boyle and Homeboy Industries

I have a new hero.  Well, maybe a few.   But a singular experience of our trip to this year’s TASH conference in Long Beach was getting to hear and spend time with Father Greg Boyle, the most moving and inspiring speaker I’ve ever heard of.   You can order Father Greg’s book (autographed even!) and DVDs and t-shirts and all kinds of homeboy goodies here…  but, seriously, he presents an “if/then” proposition – if he can do this where he did it, with those he was inspired by, well, “then”…  what are we waiting for?  Wherever we are?  Whoever we are … Continue reading “we’ve just forgotten that we belong to each other” Father Greg Boyle and Homeboy Industries

Candy Chang – my new favourite TED talk :) Before I die I want to…

I really love public art, and particularly this new variety of public art as community development, which I’ve done a bit of work studying.   It’s probably one of the reasons I like graphic facilitation.   I did a project in a community development class that had to do with this amazing organization, Broken City Lab.   And one of my favourite projects for some time has been this “I Wish This Was…” concept, although I didn’t really pay attention to who had organized it – I think I was just busy at the time… But it was, of course, Candy Chang.   … Continue reading Candy Chang – my new favourite TED talk 🙂 Before I die I want to…

David Pitonyak: The Importance of Belonging, Vancouver, Oct 2012

David is one of my favourite presenters and thinkers, and this topic is one that he speaks about passionately and knowledgeably.   He has also become a good friend and I look forward to his visits to Vancouver each autumn.   We had been in a session the previous day during which Avril Orloff and I had done tandem graphic facilitation and as we drove to the auditorium we talked about it and he said how much he enjoyed it and I said I wished we’d got someone in to do graphic facilitation for this presentation and then our friend Barb Goode … Continue reading David Pitonyak: The Importance of Belonging, Vancouver, Oct 2012