two pictures from march – we left vancouver, went to disneyland and then i went to prince george to do a workshop, where there was a few feet of snow and it was still flurrying…  it’s a good indication of my resilience that i was fine with it all and continued on hale and hearty.   have been working a lot, and having fun a lot.   we went to see “The Full Monty” the other night at the Jewish Community Centre, saw “Alladin” in Disneyland, saw “The Constant Wife” before we left and have tickets to “Homechild” in a couple of … Continue reading

working too hard or hardly working… too much

so a lot of things i’ve been working on have been coming to fruition and that’s meant a lot of work, which has been a lot of fun.   gary says “fun is the new work.”  i think he was being a bit arch.  but it’s hard to stop…  so much is so much fun.    but next week is disneyland.   and zev is away with his grandma for a couple of whole days, which is lovely. Continue reading working too hard or hardly working… too much

our family

i can’t remember where we were and i think that zev took this photo.   gary and will be celebrating our 10th anniversary of our wedding (the first gay jewish wedding in vancouver we’re told) this july.    we live in new westminster, british columbia with our son (10) and foster-daughter (nearly 19) and have another “nearly-adopted” son who is trans (25).  i don’t seem to have any current photos of davyd but i’ll get one tomorrow.     Continue reading our family


surprised, after having my dreams come true… to have my dreams come true. met the right guy, married, had kids. and 2 dogs 2 cats 3 birds and a bunny. as Zev says “it’s a large family full of love.” You’re out of the woods You’re out of the dark You’re out of the night Step into the sun, step into the light Keep straight ahead For the most glorious place On the Face of the Earth Or the sky Hold onto your breath Hold onto your heart Hold onto your hope March up to the gate And bid it … Continue reading surprised