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img_0022two pictures from march – we left vancouver, went to disneyland and then i went to prince george to do a workshop, where there was a few feet of snow and it was still flurrying…  it’s a good indication of my resilience that i was fine with it all and continued on hale and hearty.  

have been working a lot, and having fun a lot.   we went to see “The Full Monty” the other night at the Jewish Community Centre, saw “Alladin” in Disneyland, saw “The Constant Wife” before we left and have tickets to “Homechild” in a couple of weeks.   Gary wants to see “Chorus Line” which is being put on by our local theatre group in New Westminster.   we took zev to see “Escape from Witch Mountain” in Anaheim and then saw “Monsters VS Aliens” when we got back – the latter was terrific.   i liked the actors in the former.   The two newsletters – one for the agency, one for the 101 friends project, are both looking great.  

Right now i’m on my enforced sabbatical days – two days every third month…  so i’m going through itunes files, which have proliferated and duplicated themselves somehow.   it’s crazy.   i have about 180 gigs of music and so much of it is duplication…

working too hard or hardly working… too much

so a lot of things i’ve been working on have been coming to fruition and that’s meant a lot of work, which has been a lot of fun.   gary says “fun is the new work.”  i think he was being a bit arch.  but it’s hard to stop…  so much is so much fun.    but next week is disneyland.   and zev is away with his grandma for a couple of whole days, which is lovely.

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