what they said…

“When you don’t choose the same old way,

the same old stale story line,

then there’s the opportunity for something new and fresh

to present itself to you.

The world can open up in an unprecedented way.” 

Pema Chodron, “A Substitute Life.” 

contact?  imagineacircle@gmail.com or aaron@spectrumsociety.org

about graphic recording:

“I have participated in several of Aaron’s graphic facilitation sessions and have most impressed with the way he supports and encourages people to bring out their ideas and wishes and then how he creates the imagery that best reflects their words and thoughts.   Aaron facilitated the sessions with much respect for the participants and worked with people to draw out their stories, feeling and thoughts in a positive and reinforcing manner.” 

Jule Hopkins, Manager, Service Accountability and Safeguards, Community Living B.C.

“Aaron takes words and through his graphic recording, brings the message alive. Listening deeply he brings conversations to life by capturing words into an art form of meaning that all can know.  It is an awe inspiring process.  Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

Cathy Anthony, Coordinator, Family & Individual Support, Acting Director, Planning & Support, Simon Fraser Society for Community Living

“Content is king.”  Brandy Agerbeck

about facilitating groups using graphics for documenting, clarifying and planning:

“Aaron skillfully facilitated a planning session for a group of 20 people all at the same time. He created a fun, relaxed and open environment for sharing and building people’s personal goals and dreams. He came prepared with a ton of creative possibilities for people to explore their lives, and then led conversations that enabled people to deepen their thinking and open their minds. A wonderful afternoon – thanks Aaron!” 

Meaghan Feduck, Coordinator, CILLI, Canadian Inclusive Lives Learning Initiatives, Center for Inclusion and Citizenship U.B.C. School of Social Work.

“Aaron’s graphic designs brought to life the conversations that our participants engaged in. He captured everything we talked about and more.  The process of seeing Aaron create our PATH was instrumental in the success of our planning day. We are so pleased with the end result and hope to work with Aaron again in the future to carry forward the beautiful graphics he
created into future dialogues we have in other areas of our planning.

Thanks Aaron!

Angela Clancy, Executive Director, Family Support Institute

see the graphics for the day here

“Content isn’t king. If I sent you to a desert island and gave you the choice of taking your friends or your movies, you’d choose your friends — if you chose the movies, we’d call you a sociopath. Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.”   Corey Doctorow

about using graphics to assist with planning for individuals:

“Aaron’s graphic presentation of a person’s story and goals is a magical image full of hope and promise, a true representation of the person is seen when one looks at the end product.” 

“This made sense of our family’s lives in a way that I’ve been unable to grasp; it never occurred to me to think in pictures before!  Thanks!”

about illustration:

Illustrations for books and posters by Spectrum Press here.   Plain language and graphics translation booklets by facilitated focus groups for CLBC here.   Some images were turned into a great little animations here, for this excellent video about Building Personal Support Networks: Barbarah and Zackery’s Story (they are working on a whole little film based on drawings from this booklet, which I’m pretty excited about):

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