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101 Ways to Make Friends

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This is an overview of the Inclusive Research Community Mapping Project so far.   You should be able to click on the graphics and see them larger.   Feel free to save them and to use them in publications if you like; just attribute it to this site and to my own site

TedsTalks2-003Through a contract with Community Living B.C. we’ve been working on helping families, networks and individuals “deepen and expand” their personal support networks of friends, families, congregations, work colleagues and those who share their passions.  What great work!   Last autumn, after one of these sessions Ted Decker asked us to come and speak to his self advocate group, Vernon’s own Community Connections.  We talked about what we’ve been doing, they talked about what they’ve been doing, and then they told us about a vision they had: “What…

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StarRaft1of2SecondSession StarRaft2of2SecondSession

  1. February20-The Abundant Community

StarRaftSession3Sketchnotes StarRaftSession3Sketchnotes-002 StarRaftSession3Sketchnotes-003

  1. March6-Mobilizing Gifts and Anchoring in the ‘Sweet Places’ (Sketchnotes)

IMG_4263 IMG_4262

Another couple of drawings from the TASH conference in Long Beach are here.

If you’re interested in the Stone Game, there’s a fun little video I made here.


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