Dissertation: What Works?


With my dissertation supervisors, Ginny Belden-Charles from the Taos Institute, and Jasmina Sermijn, from VUB.

My dissertation, What Works? Stories of Successful Leadership in the lives, groups and communities of people with intellectual disabilities, can be downloaded here:


You can watch the dissertation defence here.

You can watch the dissertation being awarded here.

One of the updates for my self advocate collaborators is here.

The final update presentation for the research was given at TASH in Atlanta, in Dec. 2017 and is here.  

Sometime in 2018 there will be an online discussion of some of the dissertation that will be recorded and posted here.

I recently became a Taos Institute scholar – which makes me feel very humble given the company!

Comments?  Please leave below.  Contact?  ajohannes@me.com


In Brussels with family, friends, other PhD candidates and Taos faculty.




What Works? our presentation on leadership and people who have been labelled with ID, for TASH 2017 in Atlanta

A busy month…

I’ve been finishing up a big, distracting project that has required a lot of focus…  for some reason this meant that every time someone asked me to work at an event I just said yes 🙂 Hospitals engaging patients, self advocates strategic planning, MAPs and PATHs and training in California and with teachers in B.C..   It was good to use the other side of my brain, but it was particularly a gift to be around so many interesting people doing so many good things.   And always a gift to spend time with Liz Etmanski, who did some of the most charming of these drawings, and of course Shelley Nessman, my facilitation partner.   Next up – the Family Support Institute training weekend and then strategic planning in Kent, Washington with TLC.   For more information about having us at your events, you can contact me at imagineacircle@gmail.com or Shelley at Shelley@spectrumsociety.org

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