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50 good deeds in 50 days

so here is the article that this endeavour is based.   the first time i tried to do this, on my own, i got to 23 days and got distracted by work and kids and life…   so now i’m wondering if our family can accomplish together what i couldn’t alone.


day 2, day 3, day 4

day 2, brought coffee for a friend who loves starbucks dark coffee.  


day 3, brought really big beers for a friend who loves really big beers.  

really big beers

really big beers

day 4, offered to drive someone, offered to push a wheelchair, offered to organize supports – they all said “no.”   the universe is making me work harder for this one.   i did loan someone a pen…  maybe that was it.   and i didn’t say that cruel thing i was thinking about that thing that person keeps talking about that i’m not at all interested in…  i don’t think that’s it 🙂

Day 1 of 50

IMG_1536zev and i decided today to do 1 kind thing a day for 50 days; today’s mission was to deliver a bouquet of roses to our friend, sort of anonymously.   zev was mostly interested in the espionage part of it – could we deliver them without being caught?  which was fine and more fun than my plan…  we didn’t quite manage it but almost 🙂






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