Upcoming Online PATH and Person Centred Planning Training

PATH and PCP Online 5 Session Training- Tuesdays from 5pm-8pm on Zoom ( link sent after registration)About this eventAlthough listed as a recurring event, this series of five workshops is all one event! Register for one and we’ll register you for all of them. If you are interested in the in-person August PATH training please contact eilidh.nicholson@spectrumsociety.org and she’ll email you when the dates are confirmed! Description We will examine several tools for thinking about person centred planning, network development and goal setting. We will focus particularly on PATH as a template for planning but will also look at MAPS, … Continue reading Upcoming Online PATH and Person Centred Planning Training

ARTbrain Cedar Summer – learning about Truth and Reconciliation

I think that Truth and Reconciliation is the most important conversation of our times, and full of so many interesting aspects for all of us.  Yet people with disabilities are almost always left out of the conversation.  There are so many parallels to our stories that we think it is important to foster discussion about it.  As Indigenous people were moved into Residential Schools and Indian Hospitals, people with disabilities were hospitalised.  I talked to retired social workers from Woodlands who took Indigenous children out of Indian Hospitals and into Woodlands to keep them “safer.”  The Woodlands Memorial garden contains … Continue reading ARTbrain Cedar Summer – learning about Truth and Reconciliation

Love Carefully –

There are so many interesting things in here it’s hard to know where to start.  Perhaps with Sue Sharples – recently retired after a successful career supporting folks with learning disabilities in the UK, then applied to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for funding to look more closely at some things that she had a good but as yet unsatisfying grasp on.  Like, relationships and folks with disabilities and sexuality. When Sue enquired about what was going on in B.C. she got a few names, and then Barb Goode and I decided we would like to talk to her.  Barb … Continue reading Love Carefully –