Book Review: People with Intellectual Disabilities: Towards a good life?

Originally posted on 101 Ways to Make Friends:
People with Intellectual Disabilities: Towards a good life?   Kelley Johnson and Jan Walmsley with Marie Wolfe.   The Policy Press, 2010.   About $40.00 Canadian. British researchers Kelley Johnson and Jan Walmsley are well known in the field of disability studies for their innovative work around inclusive research, in which…

Welcoming Difference and Diversity in our Networks

Our workshop, “Welcoming Difference and Diversity in our Networks,” has been through a few iterations but most recently was featured as the all day training for the annual B.C. Family Support Institute Training Weekend, which gathers resource parents (who support families of children and adults with disabilities) from all over the province for three days […]

Unity of New Westminster: Community Research Project embedded in social constructionism

After some discussion with the Unity of New Westminster Church, Barb Goode, Liz Etmanski and I received a small community research grant to explore and document their congregation, history and future directions.  The grant allowed us to give an honorarium, buy food for gatherings and hire a research manager who kept us organized.   The Taos […]