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Working with David Wetherow and the Star Raft concept…

David Wetherow has been one of my heroes for a long time, and when my facilitation partner Shelley Nessman and I got a chance to work with him we were delighted.   David and Faye are important elders in the Community Living movement in B.C. and in North America who have contributed hugely…  his new ideas are so exciting that after a period of absence he’s been compelled to come out and “play in the sandbox.”   We started with a planning session with the Family Support Institute (you can see the videos


and here

By the end of the day I was so excited about working more with him and so was Shelley.  An opportunity came up to work with he and the Family Support Institute on a new variation of the PATH planning model which he’s calling “The Star Raft.”   Here are three graphics, the first two done at TASH in Long Beach during his presentation there, and  the last one done with a group of families who are embarking on the Star Raft.

"The Star Raft: The Explorers' Club"

“The Star Raft: The Explorers’ Club”

"What anchors you"

“What anchors you”

Star Raft Talks #1

Star Raft Talks #1

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Community Mapping Project Planning Graphic

I really like how graphic facilitation lends itself to project planning…  this cleaned up beautifully by the wonderful Hayley @  This is a project I am doing with some friends in which we’ll go “map” three communities to find out where people with disabilities feel they are valued and welcomed, and make a contribution that would be missed if they weren’t there.  Funded through the B.C. Ideas / Community Inclusion Fund.

Community Mapping Inclusive Research Project

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Some highlights from the last year of Graphic Facilitation

When I go through these I mostly feel lucky to have had so much fun with so many lovely creative people who had such great ideas, individually and in groups.   And so many folks so dedicated to world change and social justice.   What a gift 🙂  Thanks!

Almost all of these are from the last year.   Most of these charts are done live, while people are presenting or reporting back from small group work, and they’re about 3 – 4′ high and 6 – 8′ long.   Pretty much the work of a couple of hours.  Some of them are posters and studio work and some of them are parts of curricula I designed to incorporate graphics into training events and workshops.

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