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The new Collins English Dictionary is out now – see it brought to life #homeoflivingenglish

I wonder if there is a word for turning a word into an image?  An ambigram is one way of doing that but not quite what I mean…. and then there are the new word clouds that you can make into images in programs like Tagxedo.   And I wonder what the implications are for learning literacy?  Would it be useful to learn some words as image-words?

If you think of what the word might be, let me know 🙂

This fabulous video is scribed by Scriberia – their site is great!

The Mystery of Queen Elizabeth Cake

this is my favourite cake, in case anyone was wondering 🙂

Baking Family

One of the bits of paper flying around in the greater collection of stuff from Grammy was a little foldover, like something that might have been included in a gift or a package. Printed on this brittle, yellowed rectangle of paper is a recipe entitled Printed recipe for Queen Elizabeth CakeQueen Elizabeth Cake. The recipe itself is simple and interesting; the story, written as a “note” on the right-hand side of the foldover, is the mystery.

“This is supposed to be the only cake Queen Elizabeth makes herself.

The Queen’s request is that it not be passed on, but sold for CHURCH purposes only. Large amounts of this cake she makes each year for the CHURCH OF ENGLAND.

A piece of the cake is sold with a RECIPE. The idea is to have more and more cake in the Parishes throughout the Country. It always sells because it is so good, and because it is…

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