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BC Ideas Award: Community Mapping

I’m so excited to be part of a small group that’s received an award to do three sessions of community mapping in Vernon, Vancouver and Victoria (we thought we’d start with “V” for victory) from the B.C. Ideas, Community Living Venture.  To read more about the project, click here!    To read the original proposal, click here for the Ashoka Changemakers site (and please leave a comment!)  Essentially, we’ll meet with groups of about 50 people with disabilities in their communities and talk about where they are welcomed and feel their contributions are valued, using a world cafe model.   Shelley Nessman and a self advocate colleague will co-facilitate and I’ll graphically facilitate and self advocates will lead their table discussions.   We’ll take lots of photos and documentation and upload it to a blog to keep everyone posted!   What great fun 🙂   Thanks to Maggie, from the Community Living Venture, Ashoka Changemakers, to Ted Decker for having the original idea and to Barb Goode and Cheryl Fryfield for their help in mapping out the first steps!

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Candy Chang – my new favourite TED talk :) Before I die I want to…

I really love public art, and particularly this new variety of public art as community development, which I’ve done a bit of work studying.   It’s probably one of the reasons I like graphic facilitation.   I did a project in a community development class that had to do with this amazing organization, Broken City Lab.   And one of my favourite projects for some time has been this “I Wish This Was…” concept, although I didn’t really pay attention to who had organized it – I think I was just busy at the time…

But it was, of course, Candy Chang.   Her website is here and her project site is here.  

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101 Ways to Make Friends

We were excited to host John Lord in Vancouver at the Centre for Peace (one of our favourite places for reflection).   John gave a workshop based on his new book, Facilitatingan Everyday Life: Independent Facilitation and what really matters in a New Story, by John Lord, Barbara Leavitt  and Charlotte Dingwall.   Most of John’s books, and other materials on best practices in the support of folks with intellectual disabilities, community leadership and creative facilitation, are available at – one of Canada’s great resources!  We have a few copies at

It was an engaging and exciting day for about fifty people interested in supporting folks to build and expand their networks – friends from a number of agencies and PLAN were there, as well as people who are independent of any organizations.   John has always been one of our great teachers so it’s great to spend…

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