BC Ideas Award: Community Mapping

I’m so excited to be part of a small group that’s received an award to do three sessions of community mapping in Vernon, Vancouver and Victoria (we thought we’d start with “V” for victory) from the B.C. Ideas, Community Living Venture.  To read more about the project, click here!    To read the original proposal, click here for the Ashoka Changemakers site (and please leave a comment!)  Essentially, we’ll meet with groups of about 50 people with disabilities in their communities and talk about where they are welcomed and feel their contributions are valued, using a world cafe model.   Shelley Nessman and a self advocate colleague will co-facilitate and I’ll graphically facilitate and self advocates will lead their table discussions.   We’ll take lots of photos and documentation and upload it to a blog to keep everyone posted!   What great fun 🙂   Thanks to Maggie, from the Community Living Venture, Ashoka Changemakers, to Ted Decker for having the original idea and to Barb Goode and Cheryl Fryfield for their help in mapping out the first steps!

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