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BC Ideas Award: Community Mapping

I’m so excited to be part of a small group that’s received an award to do three sessions of community mapping in Vernon, Vancouver and Victoria (we thought we’d start with “V” for victory) from the B.C. Ideas, Community Living Venture.  To read more about the project, click here!    To read the original proposal, click here for the Ashoka Changemakers site (and please leave a comment!)  Essentially, we’ll meet with groups of about 50 people with disabilities in their communities and talk about where they are welcomed and feel their contributions are valued, using a world cafe model.   Shelley Nessman and a self advocate colleague will co-facilitate and I’ll graphically facilitate and self advocates will lead their table discussions.   We’ll take lots of photos and documentation and upload it to a blog to keep everyone posted!   What great fun 🙂   Thanks to Maggie, from the Community Living Venture, Ashoka Changemakers, to Ted Decker for having the original idea and to Barb Goode and Cheryl Fryfield for their help in mapping out the first steps!

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the paths we’re on…

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“If you let people break your spirit and detour you from your path, then you have not been true to yourself or those you’re here to touch, those who believe in you.”   Allison DuBois
The path is the goal.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.
Just back from a camping trip where I spent a lot of time walking and thinking about the idea of a path and how significant this is as a metaphor for all of us, as we move from one state to another, from one focus to another…   and then Gary put up this lovely quote, so I felt the need to make this collection of photos from Flickr – to find out who took them click on any of them and I’ve embedded the photographer’s info in the title.   What kind of path are you on?   Not just where is it leading, but what will the journey be like?  I keep looking for a quote that I think is from Caroline Myss, about how Ulysses journey and his adventures depended on who accompanied him…   who is going to be with you on your path?
As well, you might be interested in this upcoming class which Shelley Nessman and I will be leading.


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Support Networks: A Plain Language Guide for Self-Advocates

My colleague Susan Stanfield and I collaborated on this project for Community Living B.C. with three groups of self advocates from all around the province.    Susan and I have been working together (with Ernie) for more than 25 years!  Whenever I am thinking of things to be grateful for, this long and quite amazing partnership is at the top of my list.   We had so much fun with the three groups, and with Jule Hopkins, who is such a visionary.   We’re pretty excited about the materials that C.L.B.C. has been producing in print and video and glad to be part of it.

Right now we are working with other self advocates, and Shelley Nessman and Jim Reynolds, who is the manager of social enterprises at Spectrum, on a new booklet to do with vulnerabilities.   But I was just thinking that  I’m still really thrilled with this first booklet and am excited that they’re turning it into an animated film.

We’ve been doing workshops around B.C. about the ideas in this booklet and will soon be getting ready to make a fall travel schedule.   If you’re part of a self advocate group in some way, let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll try to figure out how to bring the workshop to you.

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