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“Nothing About Us, Without Us” – Graphic Facilitation Video


I had a great time over three days with B.C. People First and more than sixty self advocates talking about what matters to them and letting me listen in.  I’m pleased with how this video turned out (at least until Van Morrison’s agents find out I’ve used his song)!   to see photos of the whole conference, check out this entry on the B.C. People First blog site.   

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LGBTQ and Self Advocates Workshop Graphic

I was THRILLED to be part of this workshop, in which some old and new friends who are self advocates presented to their peers at the B.C. People First conference.   They wanted to get away from powerpoint and liked the idea of a graphic “map” to help them remember where they were in the course of their workshop.   After we wrote down all their ideas, I came up with these graphics and they seemed to work well to keep everyone on track.   It was a great workshop.

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