“Nothing About Us, Without Us” – Graphic Facilitation Video

  I had a great time over three days with B.C. People First and more than sixty self advocates talking about what matters to them and letting me listen in.  I’m pleased with how this video turned out (at least until Van Morrison’s agents find out I’ve used his song)!   to see photos of […]

“What About Us?” table placards for a world cafe

I’m really excited about being the graphic facilitator for the “What About Us?” world cafe that launches the B.C. People First 2012 Conference.   Each table will have a “conversational leadership” theme chosen by the board of BCPF, such as “what about us and relationships?” and the world cafe will be facilitated by self advocates […]

learning to listen in People First: an advisor’s perspective

Almost twenty years ago I was at a conference and one of the tables in the display room was notably having more fun, and then I realized it was also the only table, notably, at a conference for and about people with disabilities, that was manned (or woman-ed) by people with disabilities.   It was my […]