“What About Us?” table placards for a world cafe

I’m really excited about being the graphic facilitator for the “What About Us?” world cafe that launches the B.C. People First 2012 Conference.   Each table will have a “conversational leadership” theme chosen by the board of BCPF, such as “what about us and relationships?” and the world cafe will be facilitated by self advocates from Esatta Cooperative.   The theme of the conference is “Nothing About Us Without Us” – “we are making sure that people with labels are involved in ALL decisions that are made about our lives.   This takes unity and leadership.   This conference is for all people who are labeled to learn and share together.”   These little table signs were fun to make once I figured out something that would work – in a program called “type text” which takes lines of text and uses them to draw with.   If you look closer you can see the drawings are made up of the words “what about us?”   They are printed double so that we can fold them over.   At the end of the world cafe I’ll draw as the facilitators “harvest” the ideas that come from each of the tables.   I’ll post photos later this weekend!  I think putting the little graphics together would actually make a cool poster.  I’ve added the inside of the brochure, which I also did the graphics for.

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