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We were interested in what would happen if we brought together a small group of people who are also interested in the kinds of dynamics that occur when people with disabilities have relationships . . . perhaps particularly with staff, and agencies.   It’s seemed to us that such relationships call for increased aspiration as we become more and more known to each other, and enter into a kind of reciprocity.   The day was facilitated by Susan Stanfield and Avril Orloff and attended by a number of great local leaders and thinkers and friends… Continue reading

David Pitonyak: The Importance of Belonging, Vancouver, Oct 2012

David is one of my favourite presenters and thinkers, and this topic is one that he speaks about passionately and knowledgeably.   He has also become a good friend and I look forward to his visits to Vancouver each autumn.   We had been in a session the previous day during which Avril Orloff and I had done tandem graphic facilitation and as we drove to the auditorium we talked about it and he said how much he enjoyed it and I said I wished we’d got someone in to do graphic facilitation for this presentation and then our friend Barb Goode … Continue reading David Pitonyak: The Importance of Belonging, Vancouver, Oct 2012

Susan Cain: the power of introverts

Susan Cain’s TED talk has gotten almost 3 million viewers and, more importantly, it seemed for a few months that everywhere I went everyone I met was proudly claiming introversion as a good thing.   These seemed odd.   The first time this happened I was in a group where we were trying to decide how to split up for more focused discussion and I suggested introverts go to one side and extroverts to the other side, and everyone agreed, and then I walked alone to the extrovert side and 19 people walked to the introvert side.   Hmmm…???  So I’ve been meaning … Continue reading Susan Cain: the power of introverts