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This is just a superb blog posting about… a lot of things that are hard to talk about and really nicely expressed here. also, keep exploring this blog as there are some excellent drawings too!   This is the blog posting that I meant to link to 🙂

adventures in slow learning

I recently found these reflections on the term “Slow Learning” in a not so recent post by educational consultant and blogger Jenny Mackness.

I’m afraid I do not think the term ‘slow learning’ works as well. It brings up notions of being a ‘slow learner’, which has negative connotations. In addition, surely, particularly in this day and age, we want people to be fast learners – and by that I mean ‘more efficient’ learners. I honestly can’t see anything slowing down- so we need to be able to keep up. We need to be effective, efficient, efficacious and ethical learners.

The Adventures of Slow Learning Blog –  provides an answer to the question “What is Slow Learning?” – but I cannot see anything in the answer that relates to ‘slow’. I think what is written there is more a description of good teaching, or a possibly ideal learning environment, rather…

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my prize winning entry: “A Personal Evolution Towards New Media”

So, kinda thrilling – the first thing I’ve sent out to a publisher for several years and I won first prize 🙂 (which paid for great new shoes while holidaying in London).   It is also my first publication in an academic journal, through Athabasca University’s MA-IS program.   You can read the whole journal from this link, or you can read my creative non-fiction work here.   Those who know me will recognise some re-occuring themes in my fascination with how Web 2.0 reflects our culture, parenting and personal narrative mythology as reflection.

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Immigration Support Priorities?

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