diagramming #rhizo15

i am getting a bit caught up in about seven possible blog posts about different parts of different conversations in #rhizo15  but this illustration (thanks to whoever originally did this image; i put it through google image finder and can’t find a source, and thanks to my son for showing me good image finder so i can better attribute things, even though “everything on the internet belongs to everyone an that whole plagiarism thing is just a crock for oldtimers get over it”) that Simon posted is always one of my favourites, and I always think I want to change it … Continue reading diagramming #rhizo15

The Rhizomatic Curriculum Vitae #rhizo15

The Rhizomatic CV I am still thinking about the first week of #rhizo15 – some 2500 tweets, lots of FB conversations, lots of playfulness, lots of deep teeter-tottery thinking…. The rhizomatic model, even understood merely as an alternative to what Deleuze and Guattari refer to as the arborescent model of how systems work, is really useful as a way to approach alternatives in education, particularly in my field of interest (adults with intellectual disabilities) and leadership. It makes of us nomads, able to chart our own course despite the “war machine.” Part of what I am thinking through is ways … Continue reading The Rhizomatic Curriculum Vitae #rhizo15

Well that was bizarre #rhizo15

Week 1 (maybe) #rhizo15 My son wakes up; he’s 16 and sometimes cranky. He comes in to see what I’m doing, but he doesn’t walk into the room complaining loudly so that’s a gift. “I’m writing about learning objectives,” I say. “But I think I’ve gone off on a tangent.” “A tangent? What are you, 16?” “You think only 16 year olds go off on tangents?” “Well they’re better at it, for sure. No one knows what you’re talking about.” “Do you know what a learning objective is?” “Hah! It means you have a learning objective, you’re dumb as fuck … Continue reading Well that was bizarre #rhizo15

UBC Center for Community Engaged Learning: “Celebration of Community”

I was asked to serve as the graphic recorder at this event with the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning, and was very interested, as I’d heard about this group, had a little bit of interaction with them, and other … Continue reading UBC Center for Community Engaged Learning: “Celebration of Community”