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fun video of our Victoria community mapping session and some time-lapse graphic facilitation

Video by Hayley Glossop of Rainbow Notations.  You can check out more posts about this project on our project blog.   The Community Mapping sessions were sponsored by an award from the BC Ideas folks, in Community Living Innovation.   In this project Shelley Nessman and I are going to three communities to ask  self advocates with intellectual disabilities: where do you make a contribution?  where would you be missed?  where are you welcomed in the ways you want to be?  After a day together, and a lot of drawing and talking, we clean up the room and they host a reception of civic leaders that they’ve invited, who want to know what matter to them and how they can best support that.  It’s a lovely process.  Vancouver’s Community Mapping will be in October we hope.

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“Let’s Call her Rachel.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 10.03.21 AM

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck and get to see how she challenges herself, and was amazed by her talk, “Shape Your Thinking: Brandy Agerbeck at TEDxWindyCity,” so when, just a few days later, I was asked to participate in an evening of story-telling with I said yes.  And then I said “yikes” – and said “yikes” many, many times in between yes and the actual event.   I hadn’t actually memorised anything since I was about 22 and that didn’t go particularly well.  But, as another of my mentors, Lee-Anne Ragan, said, “Let’s imagine it’s not going to be hard and it’s not beyond us and that we can do it and it will go well.”

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Data Driven Stories: Aaron Koblin for the Future of StoryTelling 2012

Koblin’s ideas around collaboration are fascinating!  “I think actually our lives are just a series of stories we’re telling ourselves.”

his portfolio:

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