A busy month…

I’ve been finishing up a big, distracting project that has required a lot of focus… ¬†for some reason this meant that every time someone asked me to work at an event I just said yes ūüôā Hospitals engaging patients, self advocates strategic planning, MAPs and PATHs and training in California and with teachers in B.C.. ¬† It was good to use the other side of my brain, but it was particularly a gift to be around so many interesting people doing so many good things. ¬† And always a gift to spend time with Liz Etmanski, who did some of … Continue reading A busy month…

What is the work?

  Dan Pontefract, author of Flat Earth: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization, was having a contest. ¬† It is over, so I won’t win a book, but I’m going to go buy his book anyway as I really like the way he is thinking about work and connections… ¬†and it gave me a chance to process some of what I was thinking about over the last weeks and last week in particular. ¬†The question he’s asking is “How do you define the word ‘work.’” I was in Toronto taking a refresher course in a planning method we use a … Continue reading What is the work?

Workshop Videos Part 1

These are videos we often refer to or use in our workshops; feel free to use them too! ¬†We believe they are about ideas not often talked about ūüôā Want to talk more about our work – books, facilitation, dialogues, strategic planning, person centred planning, community mapping and engagement, or…? ¬† contact us aaron@spectrumsociety.org or shelley@spectrumsociety.org What our PATH and MAPs workshops on person centred planning are like; 5 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1ULJfPIDSQ Our Community Mapping Project – Victoria. 1 1/2 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikn3SrGR4DI The Power of a Plan – Inclusion B.C.’s transition project; 5 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPyD9LTgbpU PATH: ; 5 minutes. Cheryl’s PATH; … Continue reading Workshop Videos Part 1

“Let’s Call her Rachel.”

I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with graphic facilitator¬†Brandy Agerbeck¬†and get to see how she challenges herself, and was amazed by her talk, “Shape Your Thinking: Brandy Agerbeck at TEDxWindyCity,” so when, just a few days later, I was asked to participate in an evening of story-telling with InCommon.tv I said yes. ¬†And then I said “yikes” – and said “yikes” many, many times in between yes and the actual event. ¬† I hadn’t actually memorised anything since I was about 22 and that didn’t go particularly well. ¬†But, as another of my mentors, Lee-Anne Ragan, said, “Let’s imagine … Continue reading “Let’s Call her Rachel.”