Envisioning Goals and Supports

Wow, someone just sent me this graphic of a poor fellow trying to get to his goals, again.    Because people know I get excited about planning this isn’t the first time, but this time it has more than 29,000 shares – each person having an average of 100 friends to share it with…  so 290,000 people got hit with this vibe 🙂                                   The first time I saw it, I thought it deserved a response – which really speaks more to my experience … Continue reading Envisioning Goals and Supports

Family Support Institute Training Weekend graphics

I was again invited to the Family Support Institute Training Weekend in Naramata – last year this was a really transformational weekend for me as a parent, professional and I got to test my chops as a graphic recorder and facilitator.   This year we upped the ante 🙂  This is an amazing group of folks.  If you are a parent or have a family member with a disability and need support, contact them to find out about Resource Parents in your area.  If you are feeling like you’d like to offer something to other families which include people with … Continue reading Family Support Institute Training Weekend graphics

The Gap, by Irving Glass

great advice, conveyed very nicely.   this idea is so true in so many situations in which we are learning.   *trying* to learn the guitar and being so bad at it, led to me to completing a Masters degree (what would be easier than this that i’m actually good at?), but it also gave me this whole new sense of how to listen to music and of how instruments and rhythm works…   Given that it was the most unsuccessful learning experience of my life in terms of actually playing an instrument, it was also the most successful learning … Continue reading The Gap, by Irving Glass