The Gap, by Irving Glass

great advice, conveyed very nicely.   this idea is so true in so many situations in which we are learning.   *trying* to learn the guitar and being so bad at it, led to me to completing a Masters degree (what would be easier than this that i’m actually good at?), but it also gave me this whole new sense of how to listen to music and of how instruments and rhythm works…   Given that it was the most unsuccessful learning experience of my life in terms of actually playing an instrument, it was also the most successful learning experience 🙂

Not quite what he’s saying here, but related in that it’s an idea i’ve been thinking about in the world of social services – how do we foster an environment of experimentation and risk-taking within a governmentality that is so focused on risk-aversiveness?  how do we be okay with the mistakes we make?  how do we come to a place where we can look around at what’s happening and see that we’re already making all kinds of mistakes that we need to question more (much more) so that we can be compelled to further experiments and successes…

Thanks Mary Clare Carlson for sending me this video 🙂

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

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