“if something’s missing, create it” CCK11 discoverable artifacts

getting caught up on the elluminate recording – what an amazing technology – the chat concurrent with the lecture and the whiteboard. “join the discussion” is the theme – pick a path, find some peers and join the discussion.   i liked very much the video i watched yesterday where George talked about networks being a model, but learning happening through connections…   oh he’s just talking about it again, in terms of the difference between constructionism and connectivism.  but to have a discussion, there needs to be some relational connection – someone to communicate with… i’ve been working for … Continue reading “if something’s missing, create it” CCK11 discoverable artifacts

connectivism as the future of education

have been browsing through the readings and videos and trying to figure out what connectivism is and isn’t but i have to say i keep getting excited about the actual layout of the course and the chance to participate – i’m not sure how many people are registered at this point but i think previous courses have had like 1000 or so, from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, some of them intent on squeezing it like a lemon to get every drop and more, and others just kind of observing and wondering.  this video is pretty clear. … Continue reading connectivism as the future of education

CCK11 Connectivism

well…  yes, i do need another interest 🙂   (no, i don’t).   my fourth course in the MAIS program at Athabasca U begins this coming week, “Doing Disability Differently” – excellent reading list and excellent prof.   I was really wanting to take a semester off after working god knows how many hours at my real job and then studying and writing papers in my “spare” time – but the prof was ready to go with this brand new course, and she’s kind of amazing, and i’ve been waiting for her to be ready, so…    i’ll take the … Continue reading CCK11 Connectivism

what did you *ship* last year?

I liked this blog posting by Seth Godin, who I think is a total genius in so many ways – not least in that he fearlessly tosses out a million ideas and the few hundred that catch on are so worth it.   there’s a big time lesson in that.   So I sent this out to some friends, one of whom has replied – she’s done so much in the last year and yet she limited herself to seven things, which I also think is so brilliant.    I need to do that – have been thinking that I … Continue reading what did you *ship* last year?