“if something’s missing, create it” CCK11 discoverable artifacts

getting caught up on the elluminate recording – what an amazing technology – the chat concurrent with the lecture and the whiteboard.

“join the discussion” is the theme – pick a path, find some peers and join the discussion.   i liked very much the video i watched yesterday where George talked about networks being a model, but learning happening through connections…   oh he’s just talking about it again, in terms of the difference between constructionism and connectivism.  but to have a discussion, there needs to be some relational connection – someone to communicate with…

i’ve been working for the last few years on this idea of networks of support, and so it interests me to hear about this flow of roles from learner to teacher, and back again, into aggregated groups of similarly interested peers.    in the work i’ve been doing one of the areas of interest has been reciprocity – how important is it to “give back” and how does it happen (in my work, with people with disabilities perceived as not having an abundance of shareable strengths).   so i’m delighted with all these people creating different kinds of diagrams, notes, narratives and postings and sharing them with everyone else.

Stephen: aggregation, remix, repurpose, feedforward…   the idea of adding oneself to the body of knowledge by each of creating our own representation of the body of the course.   multiplicity, rather than duplication of effort.   through the use of the tag #CCK11

George: talking about duplication and how it happens in traditional curriculum and teaching…  lovely.   so there’s this singular co-learning / growing opportunities that smaller groups and individuals can pursue rather than being one of 30 (or 150) moving in a paced scaffolding.

learning through immersion, which is a kind of mentorship / apprentriceship…  someone in a different discussion yesterday was saying that the leaders around us don’t have the time or energy to focus on individual young people and mentor them:  this idea of a MOOC might be one way to do that.

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