John Wayne and Graphic Facilitation

One of the things that’s convincing me about the power of graphic facilitation is the responses from men.   Where I come from, they used to call the old farm “Bonanza” and John Wayne was everyone’s ultimate hero.  As my friend’s father used to say, whenever we started talking about anything, “There’s altogether too much talking in the world.”   Not a place where men spent a lot of time talking about their feelings.   And there’s some really good research in the field of disability studies around Dads (and brothers) who often feel really challenged by having to talk … Continue reading John Wayne and Graphic Facilitation

graphic facilitation

I started thinking I’d make a slideshow of some of the new graphics I’ve been having fun with, and then started adding more… so this was going to be a kind of overview of the last few months, but then i decided to put in some older things as well.   I got introduced to the idea of graphic facilitation years ago when I first was introduced to People First and used to travel with Arnold Bennington to the National Meetings.   David Hasbury did these amazing drawings of their conversations, and covered the walls of the hotel board-rooms – … Continue reading graphic facilitation