so much to be uncertain about… #rhizo15

Well, this, for example: do you or do you not own art? ¬†Why would anyone say “I put no energy into my physical appearance?” ¬†Really? ¬†You don’t wear clothes? ¬†You’re disdaining¬†choices? I am fascinated by the passionate responses to Deleuze and Guattari – the refusal to read them, even while discussing their concepts; the wondering of how far one can go with a metaphor (that they say is not a metaphor) of the rhizome? I’ve been flying kites. ¬†Thinking of lines of flight. ¬†Walking beaches, sitting by campfires, even singing a Janis Joplin song in the dark of the woods. … Continue reading so much to be uncertain about… #rhizo15

Bricolage: “Those crunching noises pervading the air!” 1980 #rhizo15

I started thinking that, as in studying an art work one likes, it’s important to know the historical context out of which something came and I began working on this post. ¬†Given that this is the last (?) week of #rhizo15¬†¬†I realized that, imperfect and incomplete as it is, I better post it. ¬†It was an interesting exploration, not least because I realized how subjective my own sense of the 1980s was… ¬†your history-mileage may vary ūüôā All images except this, the middle one by Jennifer Bartlett and the last one are from 1980(ish) unless otherwise stated. As we investigate … Continue reading Bricolage: “Those crunching noises pervading the air!” 1980 #rhizo15