Planning with the Family Support Institute #graphicfacilitation

In June I had the great gift of an invitation to spend the day with the B.C. Family Support Institute Resource parents as they debriefed about training, the gifts they bring and share, and planned for their future.   Resource parents for the Family Support Institute are all over the province, and volunteer to help other families of children with disabilities wend their way through systems that can be complicated and arcane.   What an amazing group of people.

The day was facilitated by David Wetherow, one of B.C.’s most venerated facilitators.   I’ve always wanted to see David work, but to facilitate with him was very special.   David facilitated over Adobe Connect, from his home in Parksville, on Vancouver Island, and I couldn’t believe how well this worked.   He did this not least to introduce to the group, which hopes to connect better with more parents around our rather large province, some new technologies they might want to explore.   He began with “the stone game” – an amazing facilitation tool to get people thinking and talking and relating.   He was superb, and the families were all so deeply caring of each other.

I’ve uploaded two videos, with their permission.   The first is the introduction to the day – The Stone Game.   The second is the PATH that we did as they planned for future training.

The Stone Game

PATH: Planning for Training with the Family Support Institute Resource Parents


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