Standing-Beautiful-Like-The-Sun at Wanuskewin

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I’ve been spending a great deal of time questioning the idea of teaching and traditional education lately (though this is really the theme of most of my working life), and part of what’s been interesting for me in this is approaching a couple of events in which I’ll prepare curricula with teaching partners and then spend a few days presenting, teaching, learning.   I’m also at the end of completing a graduate degree in adult education and equity studies and, as they should be, a number of things are falling into place – perhaps as questions and ideas about processes rather than answers, but falling into place…

So I was delighted when we spontaneously decided to take a day trip to Wanuskewin Heritage Park where we were told that we were nearly in time for the dance performance…  This is an amazing place, in an amazing landscape – magical and centering, and full of wonderful art that tells some of our least told and most important stories.   And our teacher-dancer for the afternoon, Cara, or Standing-Beautiful-Like-The-Sun, was absolutely inspiring on so many levels – she was so genuine, personal, connected and connecting, generous and giving, and told little and big stories, and explained so much about so many traditions in such a short time: it was incredible and I could have listened to her for weeks.   I’ve taken whole graduate level classes where I’m not sure I came away with a better sense of the subject.    I took these photos while she danced, and although I’m sure they don’t do her dancing or sharing justice, and I encourage you all to go there and see the dances (I can’t wait to go back!), I hope it will be something of a gift to watch the slideshow of her dancing.

So when next you see me teaching I might be trying to channel Standing-Beautiful-Like-The-Sun, one of the most remarkable teachers I’ve experienced, for such a short time.

Our friend Barb Goode says that everyone is here to teach something and one of the questions of our lives is: what are you teaching?   In your teaching, who or what has inspired you?

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