Family Support Institute Training Weekend graphics

I was again invited to the Family Support Institute Training Weekend in Naramata – last year this was a really transformational weekend for me as a parent, professional and I got to test my chops as a graphic recorder and facilitator.   This year we upped the ante 🙂  This is an amazing group of […]

Family Support Institute, David Wetherow and Inclusive Learning and Research – the Star Raft and ten families

      February20-The Abundant Community March6-Mobilizing Gifts and Anchoring in the ‘Sweet Places’ (Sketchnotes) Another couple of drawings from the TASH conference in Long Beach are here. If you’re interested in the Stone Game, there’s a fun little video I made here.  

Working with David Wetherow and the Star Raft concept…

David Wetherow has been one of my heroes for a long time, and when my facilitation partner Shelley Nessman and I got a chance to work with him we were delighted.   David and Faye are important elders in the Community Living movement in B.C. and in North America who have contributed hugely…  his new ideas […]