working on a new “planning to address vulnerabilities” booklet for people with disabilities #graphicfacilitation

I really like how Community Living B.C. has this intention to create materials that work for people with self advocates and how they’ve used self advocate peers as consultants to do so.

We had nothing to do with the first of these projects, “Know Your Rights: A Guide for Self Advocates,” which has now gone from a booklet to a great little film on YouTube (with a really great voiceover by self advocate Gladys Duran), but my colleague Susan Stanfield and I were very involved in the second, “Support Networks: A Guide for Self Advocates,” and now she, Shelley Nessmann and I are working with a small group of self advocates on a new booklet/translation about addressing vulnerabilities through planning.

Today is a our second focus group and we’re introducing some of the draft drawings based on our earlier conversations with them. They will give feedback on language and images and shape the next iteration and then we’ll meet again.  I’ve been really excited by their thoughtful and considerate approach around what they think is really concrete or what is too abstract, and what they think will work for their friends.

Around the province self advocates feel so much ownership in these materials that work for them, which their friends were part of creating.   Our American friends are really excited about this innovation and the quality of the work that’s being done.   This is one of the draft drawings for the new booklet.   I’ll take some photos of our work together today and upload them later this week.

Feel free to download and share this drawing if you think it’s useful; credit to and a note if you’re using it in a newsletter or on a site is appreciated!

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