4 thoughts on “Pema Chodron’s 76th Birthday Worldwide Peace Retreat – how I participated as one of more than 10,000 people thinking “peace” :) #graphicfacilitation

    1. Thanks! I really like water 🙂 a few years ago I did a session for a program based on this idea of a river – what was the history of their “river,” what were the symbols that meant something to the folks there (beavers, mermaids, tackle boxes, fish, stagnant ponds, rocks and rapids) – where was their river journey leading to? it was so much fun 🙂

      but I realized i need to work on drawing fish, for some reason. which is odd because i drew a lot of fish all through art school… i actually made a whole quilt painted with minnows!

  1. Wonderful Aaron! I’ve been reading Pema’s ‘Taking the Leap’ on my subway rides to work this month – such an inspiration. Nice to see Patricia on here too!

    1. thanks – i keep thinking about this idea of whether one person can change the world, and there are so many examples all around us. she’s a great one. http://www.noahsdad.com is another favourite 🙂 great to hear from you! i am back from saskatchewan; we should talk.

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