clocky! mac! hockney!

so this is the present i never want to get and always want to give because i think it is so funny and imaginative .   i am just listening to Switch by Dan and Chip Heath, about how people, communities and businesses can change, don’t change, might change.   elephants and riders. it’s making me think of how much work it has been to switch from my PC to a Mac – my new MacBookPro – which is lovely.   my favourite thing is the lighted-up keyboard.   which turned itself off yesterday.   and then this voice-thingy turned … Continue reading clocky! mac! hockney!

3rd day of Hannukah… first day of the rest of my life :)

i haven’t been quite sure what i want to do with this blog and i’ve been busy – since starting this i’ve given up the guitar – i know, this is a tragedy – and let go of my dream of retiring to be a busker in front of a liquor store.   instead i decided to become a doctor.   of philosophy.   no icky sticky ichoryness for me!   so, at the end of the year between 51 and 52 years of age, i learned how to play amazing grace.   i was just listening to my anniversary … Continue reading 3rd day of Hannukah… first day of the rest of my life 🙂