preparing for Christmas

so, when i lived on Gabriola island i used to spend endless time decorating the house and yard, baking gingerbread cookies and making ornaments and getting the perfect gifts for people and creating cards for them…   and now there doesn’t seem like time for any of that in our new family life.   funny.   when we were preparing to adopt, gary and i had to make a photo album of typical things that we do together that we might do with our prospective child.   and one of the photos was of us baking cookies – hundreds of them, all different kinds – it was like our very own cookie exchange.   we had so much fun.   and every year i seem to bake less and less of them 🙂   this year we bought pre-made dough in plastic and i was envious in the american grocery store where they can buy it in bulk.

but i put up the lights yesterday while waiting for gary and zev to come home (was locked out of the house so i had some time) and today we shopped a little – my friend kristen freaked me out when she said on Nov 4th that she was finishing up a bit of last-minute christmas shopping!   every year i cannot surprise gary, no matter what.   like, if i got him a unicorn he’d say “oh what did you get me?” and i’d say “it’s bigger than a bread box” and he’d say “is it a unicorn?”  hmph.   zev, unfortunately, has developed this same kind of psychic ability.   so one of the things we’ve been talking about is getting iphones for each other, or at least for him.   so we went off this morning to the iphone store and of course they didn’t have any, but if they did have it would have been 800 bucks blah blah blah (because we’re not that long into our plan).   and then they gave me some tips on how to find an iphone.   so i called around and actually found one, made some excuse for why i needed to go out alone and went to buy one – it was almost 900 by the time i was done but i thought it would be worth it because he’d be so surprised.

so i was chortling away to myself, but also waiting to see what would happen next, that would allow him to somehow find out what was up.   so the phone rings, zev comes rushing downstairs to answer it (i wasn’t going to bother) and hands it over to me and it’s the rival phone company saying we were great customers but why had we switched (18 months ago).   we switched because we wanted iphones.   so then they offer to pay off our cancellation fees with the new phone company, give us iphones and a bunch of other stuff for a little more than half what we’re paying the new company for our iphone 3Gs.    i told them i couldn’t talk about it and they should call back later.

so then i have to go tell gary about it and admit that i’ve already bought him an iphone so i’d have to take that back…   but in the end, we’ll both have new iphone 4s within the next few days.    geeky but fun 🙂


the other thing i did today was work on a digital drawing about the T. S. Eliot poem, “Journey of the Magi” – one of my favourite poems.   it was quite a bit of fun but didn’t print correctly – the colors when i printed it came out wrong.   i might work on it some more and send it down to staples to have them print it.    here is the latest iteration….


so sometime this week we need to put up the tree and i need to get some other stuff done.    i am looking forward to all the traditional stuff but mostly to new year’s – to that sense that things might change.   i am not quite sure what change i want, but something seems to be on the horizon…

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