connectivism as the future of education

have been browsing through the readings and videos and trying to figure out what connectivism is and isn’t but i have to say i keep getting excited about the actual layout of the course and the chance to participate – i’m not sure how many people are registered at this point but i think previous courses have had like 1000 or so, from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, some of them intent on squeezing it like a lemon to get every drop and more, and others just kind of observing and wondering.  this video is pretty clear. … Continue reading connectivism as the future of education

CCK11 Connectivism

well…  yes, i do need another interest 🙂   (no, i don’t).   my fourth course in the MAIS program at Athabasca U begins this coming week, “Doing Disability Differently” – excellent reading list and excellent prof.   I was really wanting to take a semester off after working god knows how many hours at my real job and then studying and writing papers in my “spare” time – but the prof was ready to go with this brand new course, and she’s kind of amazing, and i’ve been waiting for her to be ready, so…    i’ll take the … Continue reading CCK11 Connectivism