connectivism as the future of education

have been browsing through the readings and videos and trying to figure out what connectivism is and isn’t but i have to say i keep getting excited about the actual layout of the course and the chance to participate – i’m not sure how many people are registered at this point but i think previous courses have had like 1000 or so, from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, some of them intent on squeezing it like a lemon to get every drop and more, and others just kind of observing and wondering.  this video is pretty clear. education has, forever, frustrated me for a billion reasons so i’m fascinated by the idea that this might be an alternative.   it’s free, it’s loose, it’s full of choices…  so i am perhaps more interested in the idea that there are alternatives to traditional education, and this might be one of them, that seems to have a fascinating philosophical stance, than with the actual technology.

so far the instructions are all pretty clear too: i figured out where my RSS feed is today.   i felt like someone in one of those sensitivity classes from the sixties, discovering parts of one’s body formerly known as tainted.   i’m still not quite sure i’ll add my rss feed to the class newsletter rss feed…

2 thoughts on “connectivism as the future of education

  1. Hi Aaron
    I too have been contemplating putting my blog/comments ‘out there’, but I have decided to add my RSS feed to the group newsletter. I figure that I am going to get so much more out of the course if I start to make the ‘connections’. Go on, do it!

    1. Hi Kim – thanks! I’m just about to try… have had a stupid flu so on top of the fact that there’s this kind of delusional amount of information swirling past my twitter feed and into my mailbox things have been a bit swirling past me anyway… So i just needed to be certain i wasn’t in the blade-runner universe 🙂 now i’ll go give it a try and add my blog. but what great ideas and connections eh? it all makes me hopeful…

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