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Jim, working at a book table and making new friends 🙂 [Spectrum Press has it’s own blog on our online store site – click here to bookmark it 🙂 (aaron)] 2 Months Later… by Jim Reynolds on July 21, 2011 Hi everyone. Well, more than two months have whizzed by since our Spring Book Launch and things are busy around the Press. We have been selling books on-line, at conferences, and over the phone. Four public libraries have purchased our books for distribution, and many more are showing interest. If you know of… Continue reading

the stone game – #graphicfacilitation

Within the space of a couple of weeks I got to work with two different facilitators I’ve always wanted to work with.   In this group David Wetherow led a version of “the stone game” that I just keep reflecting on…  it was really a wonderful thing to be part of.   These are mostly just pictures of the stones with some of the conversation notes as they flowed past.   I look forward to the next time I am part of this game, which you can read about a version of here. Continue reading the stone game – #graphicfacilitation