Dancing with Community Webinar Series

I’ve been very excited about a recent project, a fund-raiser for TASH, for a few reasons.  It gave me a chance to work with some of the new information I’ve been learning about online training; I got to work with some people I really like, who were excited about a topic that excites me; I got to use LOTS of graphics in my parts of the webinars, and I got to “give back” to TASH,  which has been so important player in my own development. At Spectrum We give TASH a lot of credit for what we’ve done well. Here … Continue reading Dancing with Community Webinar Series

The Medicine Buddha and Community Living

It’s interesting when the schedule of what’s going on brings two events together and there’s a serendipitous connection of ideas that happens only because one doesn’t want to miss something that someone that one doesn’t know has scheduled for a certain day, without any sense of one’s own life.   Last week I went to a Michael Kendrick lecture about the ideas of “Quality” and “Innovation” in our field of supporting people with disabilities to be part of their communities: what are we really talking about when we bandy these terms around?  That evening there was a lecture on “Modern Buddhism” … Continue reading The Medicine Buddha and Community Living