Standing-Beautiful-Like-The-Sun at Wanuskewin

I’ve been spending a great deal of time questioning the idea of teaching and traditional education lately (though this is really the theme of most of my working life), and part of what’s been interesting for me in this is approaching a couple of events in which I’ll prepare curricula with teaching partners and then spend a few days presenting, teaching, learning.   I’m also at the end of completing a graduate degree in adult education and equity studies and, as they should be, a number of things are falling into place – perhaps as questions and ideas about processes rather … Continue reading Standing-Beautiful-Like-The-Sun at Wanuskewin


I’ve been learning about intersectionality, a new concept to me, first from a workshop at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and then in a course I am taking on community change and activism.    I liked how this diagram demonstrates the intersection of many issues that affect any given individual.   The medicalisation and professionalisation of my field (supporting people with intellectual disabilities) has kept our leaders out of many conversations that affect other populations, perhaps to our detriment. “Disability” is not even listed, although “ableism” is – which in itself is a new conversation for many! Continue reading intersectionality