“draw on”: Brandy Agerbeck dresses up her book!

  So probably everyone is tired of hearing about me going to Chicago to study with Brandy Agerbeck for three days at the end of July but, y’know, you could make your own blog and talk about that 🙂 Here in my blog-world I got this very cool little parcel which when I opened it up to find a signed copy of Brandy’s book wrapped with a black ribbon made into a bow-tie, complete with excellent little buttons (y’all know I love buttons!).   And I LOVE great marketing – hmmm… there must be another word for this – I LOVE … Continue reading “draw on”: Brandy Agerbeck dresses up her book!

Gifts for one’s future self…

I really love the idea explored in this photography exhibit, “Back to the Future,”curated by Irina Werning.   Lee- Anne Ragan, who I’ve just had the extreme (sublime even) pleasure of doing four days of training in social media and teaching adults with over the past couple of weeks, introduced her blog readers to this siteand asked, “what would your former self have to say about your current self?  What would the young girl above have to say to the woman she grew into?   What would your ten year old self say to your current self?  What words of advice would … Continue reading Gifts for one’s future self…

The Medicine Buddha and Community Living

It’s interesting when the schedule of what’s going on brings two events together and there’s a serendipitous connection of ideas that happens only because one doesn’t want to miss something that someone that one doesn’t know has scheduled for a certain day, without any sense of one’s own life.   Last week I went to a Michael Kendrick lecture about the ideas of “Quality” and “Innovation” in our field of supporting people with disabilities to be part of their communities: what are we really talking about when we bandy these terms around?  That evening there was a lecture on “Modern Buddhism” … Continue reading The Medicine Buddha and Community Living

learning to listen in People First: an advisor’s perspective

Almost twenty years ago I was at a conference and one of the tables in the display room was notably having more fun, and then I realized it was also the only table, notably, at a conference for and about people with disabilities, that was manned (or woman-ed) by people with disabilities.   It was my first introduction to a People First group. Thinking back to that moment, I have this odd memory of it as if it was a romance movie.   Things got misty, and sort of rainbow-y around the edges, and as I looked across a crowded room, I … Continue reading learning to listen in People First: an advisor’s perspective

“if something’s missing, create it” CCK11 discoverable artifacts

getting caught up on the elluminate recording – what an amazing technology – the chat concurrent with the lecture and the whiteboard. “join the discussion” is the theme – pick a path, find some peers and join the discussion.   i liked very much the video i watched yesterday where George talked about networks being a model, but learning happening through connections…   oh he’s just talking about it again, in terms of the difference between constructionism and connectivism.  but to have a discussion, there needs to be some relational connection – someone to communicate with… i’ve been working for … Continue reading “if something’s missing, create it” CCK11 discoverable artifacts