the stone game – #graphicfacilitation

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Within the space of a couple of weeks I got to work with two different facilitators I’ve always wanted to work with.   In this group David Wetherow led a version of “the stone game” that I just keep reflecting on…  it was really a wonderful thing to be part of.   These are mostly just pictures of the stones with some of the conversation notes as they flowed past.   I look forward to the next time I am part of this game, which you can read about a version of here.

Published by Aaron

Director of Research, Training and Development, Spectrum Society for Community Living. As well as being responsible for in-house training and research on best practices in the field of helping people with disabilities organize their supports, I support self advocacy groups, contract to provide training and workshops to other agencies and groups and facilitate inclusive research groups. I am the author/illustrator of three books, co-editor of a new anthology for 2012, and co-editor of Spectrum Press. My passion is creating networks of best practice leaders in our field to share person-centred alternatives in how people with disabilities can be facilitated to live lives where their gifts are necessary components in their communities. I am currently half way through a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary studies, focusing on Equity and Adult Education, and particularly on how people with intellectual disabilities may be supported in participatory leadership groups.

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  1. Aaron,
    I love how you captured this game and essence of the activity. Everyone should play it with the people around them at one point or another in their relationship.

    The unspoken actions are the most interesting…

    Thank you!

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