Collaging in the gifts… ka-pow!

Every once in a while someone shows up to a workshop with something gorgeous and I love figuring out how we might incorporate it into our work…  In this case, Matteo, age 8, sent this beautiful drawing of a clone* to help alleviate our fears of drawing in our person centred planning as it might apply to employment workshop.  Oh if we could only all of us draw clones this good!  I really liked how it worked for our “flow of the day” poster.

Close up
Close up

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.16.54 PM

Thanks Matteo!  Your drawing made our day!

*this entry altered to correct certain important details.  It’s a clone, not a storm trooper.  Asking a geeky friend what the difference was created the conditions for a half hour lecture on the difference and how it applies to the chronology of the Empire.  Ahem.  Sorry.

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