3rd day of Hannukah… first day of the rest of my life :)

i think this was gary's birthday - L to R: zev, gary, me, amanda

i haven’t been quite sure what i want to do with this blog and i’ve been busy – since starting this i’ve given up the guitar – i know, this is a tragedy – and let go of my dream of retiring to be a busker in front of a liquor store.   instead i decided to become a doctor.   of philosophy.   no icky sticky ichoryness for me!   so, at the end of the year between 51 and 52 years of age, i learned how to play amazing grace.   i was just listening to my anniversary recording the other day.   yikes.  really badly.  i learned lots and lots and lots about lots…  amazing lots of stuff.   wow, nothing like learning music after a half century of not being able to keep the beat during a singalong to turn your brain around.   and then i gave it all up because i wanted to make room for those more dedicated than i, and decided i might better use my powers for good by pursuing a master’s degree.   which i am now nearly a quarter done, a year later.   an A average.   having an incredible time, learning lots, can’t wait to do my next assignment and next course…   only tuition fees hold me back from going full-time and figuring out where to pursue a doctoral degree.   i mean, it was that or start on my next song, which was going to be Lou Reed’s “perfect day” – which would have been sad for us all, if i’d killed that song…  i don’t mean “killed that song” the way that zev says it in his new pre-teen lingo, i mean, really, i’d have killed it.

so, now, i know much better how this blogging thing works from my other two blogs, and seem to be sitting at the computer every day figuring out how to use square brackets and list online sources in my works cited list.    i might as well blog about my life.   which the rest of starts today.

“I was blessed and could bless.” W.B.Yeats “Vacillation”

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