clocky! mac! hockney!

so this is the present i never want to get and always want to give because i think it is so funny and imaginative .   i am just listening to Switch by Dan and Chip Heath, about how people, communities and businesses can change, don’t change, might change.   elephants and riders.

it’s making me think of how much work it has been to switch from my PC to a Mac – my new MacBookPro – which is lovely.   my favourite thing is the lighted-up keyboard.   which turned itself off yesterday.   and then this voice-thingy turned itself on so when i was trying to read about how to turn it off it kept reading the instructions in what i felt was a voice of desperation “no, no, please don’t turn me off…  click the function key and go to the keyboard menu…”   it’s been hard to transfer everything and then translate it and then find out where things were.   some of it has nothing to do with the PC/Mac switch and lots to do with organization.   which made me decide to clean my studio rather than figure out files.

well, it’s almost done now.   i like how the keyboard works, i like that supposedly the next time i get a number computer it’ll be simple to just move things over…   i like how elegant it is.   i miss how the PC assumed i was very stupid and needed help for everything.   I wish the Mac thought i was more stupid.   and so far not very artful-inspiring…    i hope that changes.

I’ve been looking at David Hockney’s new iphone/ipad art, shown in this marvellous French exhibition.   i took a bunch of screen shots and might upload them – such amazing works…   he’s such a gift to the world.   and when i was young and in art school i remember looking at his art and his photos and being so amazed at how open he was about being gay and his life – hard to remember how powerful that experience was.   i followed his work for years and have always been amazed at where his mind goes, how open to change he is, a transformation-genius.   so, funny to listen to this book about how hard it is to change while looking at Hockney’s newest works.

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